Master gardeners predict the forecast for perennial bloom colors every winter for the upcoming spring season. Red is the new trending color for spring flowers in 2022. Below we have featured the four top plants with the most vibrant shades of red hues in their berries and flowers.

If you are trying to find the right flowers for your garden and want to stay with 2023's predicted trend, you may be curious about red-blooming perennials. One of the great things about flowers is that you can pick the exact colors you want. As a result, red may work well with the other flowers in your garden.

The American Wintergreen Plant

Even though the leaves of this flower may not be red, bright red berries hang beneath them. The American Wintergreen plant tends to grow well in moist soil that sits in the shade. The leaves tend to be on the top of the plant, providing shade for anything underneath. Then, each bloom produces a couple of red berries. Even though they may look delicious, try to refrain from eating them, as you may harm the plant; however, the berries will not harm you! Because this flower is relatively easy to take care of, it may make an excellent addition to your garden. 

The Red Cardinal Flower

If you want a dark red flower to add to your garden, the red cardinal flower may work well for you. It is a bright red plant that grows from long, thick stalks. There are also dark green leaves interspersed among the red blooms. This flower is a dark red color that can grow relatively tall. In addition, it is easy to take care of. Its red color will instantly grab the attention of anyone who walks by. 

The Red Daylily Plant

Finally, Daylilies come in a wide variety of colors, including red. The red Daylily plant will make a great addition to your garden. If you take care of this plant, it will grow to approximately 3 feet in height. It has dark red Petals on the edge of each bloom. The bloom transitions from red to yellow and orange in the middle. There are thin shoots that also protrude from each solitary bloom. Each red flower is attached to a long, thin, green stem. Think about adding the Daylily to your garden. 

The Indian Pink Plant

Do you want to add a unique flower to your garden? If so, take a look at the Indian Pink. Called Spigelia Marilandica, the Indian Pink is an uncommon wildflower native to the southern United States. One can find it from Texas to Virginia and from Illinois to Florida. You can even find it in Tennessee! If you go hiking in the mountains, you might see this flower! At Tennessee Nursery, we stock Indian Pink! It could be an addition to the garden on your property! 

What Does The Indian Pink Look Like?

The Indian Pink likes to grow in moist woods. You might see it near wooden stream banks as you hike the mountains throughout TN! It grows when the weather warms up!

This flower is a perennial, which will tolerate various environmental conditions. When the Indian Pink is fully grown, it can reach 18 inches in height.

This flower is known for its deep, emerald leaves. It also has lance-shaped or oval leaves sticking out from the stem. The leaves do not have pedicels (stalks).

It is a beautiful wildflower, which is why it is so prevalent in home and office gardens. Red, tube-like flowers shoot up from the leaves at the base of the stem. Then, there are gorgeous yellow accents that protrude from the red flowers. It is challenging to find another flower like it.

The flower tends to bloom during late May or early June. It will grow well with the other flowers you have in your garden.

Why Do People Like The Indian Pink?

People love Indian Pink for many reasons. First, this plant is a perennial. It will even grow well in the shade. It also blooms gradually over several weeks, so watch it change color and shape.

Many people love Indian Pink because it attracts hummingbirds. If you like to watch birds visit your flowers, the Indian Pink Plant could be for you. Even if the soil is not perfect, the Indian Pink Plant will still grow well. Because of the unique colors and shapes of Indian Pink, it could be perfect for your garden! It is a great way to help your property stand out!